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This Gita is for the young, I am sure

Want an uncluttered commentary on the Gita with scientific explanations? Just go through the Universal Message of Bhagwad Gita by Swami Ranganathananda once and you will not leave the book till the end.Universal Message of the Bhagavad Gita Vol 1 - 3Simple English, scientific elaborations with contemporary quotes and examples are sure a treat for a young and inquisitive mind. What lends the commentary a universal appeal is the writer’s examples from the Bible, the Quoran, the Upanishads and the mother of all thoughts Mahabharat. These references  not only add a new dimension to a shloka’s meaning, but also highlight the undercurrent of universality of the Gita—the unity of all relgions. Besides, the books of religions, the writer has also quoted contemporary psychologists, neurologists, biologists and physists to protray how the Gita has scientic roots despite being popular as a book of religion. 
The writer makes an important observation while defining shlok 53 of the Chapter 2. This explains the ambit of his research in the modern glare. 
He writes, “Yoga is something to be achieved…there is nothing external about it, no show. That simple housewife, or a labourer in the fields, everyone can develop spirituality. That is our birthright. So, people developing spirituality in every department of life—that will be the great situation when the Gita is understood by more and more people in the way in which it is meant to be understood…”.
While discussing spirituality as an evolution beyond organic dimension in the Chapter 3, Page 323, he quotes British biologist Sir Julian Huxley as saying, “evolution has risen from the organic to the psychosocial level.” He elaborates how Huxley’s phrase “science of human possibilities” echoes the Upanishadic roar of taking the human being to that highest level of evolution,— for which the Gita is a training. It trains a negative Arjuna in you (will not act) to a positive Arjuna (I will act as you say). This is quite an evolution.
Vivek Sharma

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